Thursday 24 July 2014

Commonwealth Games: Scotch Pies Review Special for Glasgow 2014

Commonwealth Games: Scotch Pies trumped by Tunnock’s Tea Cakes

After all the fun, fundraising and fireworks of the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, which I must add was entertaining and quite unique, one major question remains unanswered. In such a showpiece event, beamed out across the globe to an estimated 1.5 billion people…


Yes, we may be accused of being a tad pie-ased but let’s face it – Haggis aside – is there anything more Scottish than a Scotch pie? Really??? And yet it pains me to say that the Tunnock’s Tea Cakes dancing all over the stage of the opening ceremony grabbed all the newspaper headlines, when surely – surely – we should have been reading headlines about dancing scotch pies!!!

World Scotch Pie Champion 2014 - The Kandy Bar in Saltcoats

So to address this, as the Commonwealth Games kicks off, Pierate are giving Scotch Pies the pie-de of place they deserve as the most important food export Scotland has – yes, aside from Haggis!!!

The Scotch Pie

For a beginners guide to the Scotch Pie look no further than our article “What Makes The Best Scotch Pie?” featuring an answer to the million dollar question “What is a Scotch Pie?” and our Scotch Pie Rankings Table.

Scotch Pie Club Awards 2014

You won’t be surPIEsed to hear the Piefessionals at Pierate got invited to judge at the Scotch Pie Club Awards – see our review of the day at the Scotch Pie Club Awards 2014, held in November 2013 (yes, that’s not a typo – see the article for why!)

Scotch Pie Club Awards Pie Review
Scotch Pie Club Awards Pies

Scotch Pie Awards Champion 2013

While in Scotland for the Scotch Pie Club awards 2014 we took the opPIEtunity to rate the World Scotch Pie Champion 2013 from JB Christie – and boy did it rate well! Read our pie review of this Pierate Highly Recommended Scotch pie.

Scotch Pie in London?

You don’t have to go to Scotland to eat a proper Scotch Pie – Paul the owner of Piebury Corner on Holloway Road, London travels 500 miles (and then 500 more, on the way back) to pick up Scotch Pies from Scotland and sell them in his pie shop. Pierate Recommended – read the pie review here.

Make your own Scotch Pie

Our Ship’s Cook has made a Scotch Pie using McSingh’s recipe – find out how the recipe rated and what she thought.


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