Monday 16 April 2012

What’s the Point-ins in that?!

Volunteering on a Christian holiday conference called New Word Alive, this time on the Pontins site in Prestatyn, North Wales, it was a delight not to have to cook my own meals but to instead go catered. And so, as any good Pierateer would, I immediately scoured the pudding counter for an apple pie. To my delight, there it was – an apple pie served on day one! But alas, my joy soon turned into disappointment, as the cold, soft pastry and, in my view, unappetising “appley” content did not give me the hit of the whole fruit. Even some piping hot custard could not save this pie from a very disappointing score, and sadly there were no savoury pies on the menu all week to give me a morale boost. It was unfortunately really, as the rest of the main dinners were actually very nice and it was just the puddings that seemed to let the rest of the side down. Maybe it will be improved on for next year... one can only hope!

Score: 2/7

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