Friday 13 April 2012

Not your normal pork pie.

 The benefit of making your own pie is that you can pretty much just do what you like with it.

Though a bit late in posting, to celebrate British Pie Week, this pierateer got a bit inventive when making a pork pie. The method for the filling is surprisingly simple, yet as can be seen in the image, creates a succulent middle to this pie. The different textures of the pork, stuffing and gravy made this such a treat. Please let us know if you make this pie or any alterations you make!

First, slow roast a joint of pork. We did this in our slow cooker over night with some water, apple, onion and garlic. Once the meat is so tender it is falling apart, remove the joint. Set aside the resulting gravy (we didn't use it in this pie as it was very fatty, but we put it in the fridge and let the fat settle so we could remove it from the rest of the gravy and used the resulting sauce in a pork risotto!). Make up your pastry and line the bottom of your pie dish. Boil the kettle and make up some thick onion gravy and in a separate jug, some instant apple and sage stuffing. Put the pork, stuffing and gravy into the pie and then cover with more pastry. Cook until pastry is brown.

Enjoy! ARL


  1. And why did we not get invited around to tea? On another note I am very impressed with the effort that went into this pie. You clearly pulled out the stops for BPW.

  2. That is so my type of pork pie! Good old British Pie week - always brings out the best!


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