Tuesday 10 April 2012

Ye Olde Birthday Pie

So what better way to celebrate your birthday than to have ye good olde fashioned pie?!  So having been on a random birthday roadtrip, the Pierateers ended up in Ye Olde Windsor Castle pub, near South End in Great Bookham. And they were delighted to find a section of the menu devoted to pies, in a lovely quaint pub (which had apparently been visited by King Henry VIII none the less, surely a lover of the odd pie or three!)
The question was, which pie to choose?! So of course I chose the Chef & Brewer Pie Platter to get all three!

We will overlook the addition of a Cornish-style pasty to the trio of mini pies (who wants a pasty?!) but instead focus on the pies. As you can see from the photo, they were presented delightfully. While you always find that there could be slightly more filling in mini pies, they were all very flavoursome. The pastry was slightly thick and thus did over dominate the taste buds slightly, but the chicken, beef and venison were all very nice pies in themselves. I’d have certainly been happy to have a large version of each, even if they were slightly pastry-heavy. Capacity was good for such a small pie, although a tad more meat would have helped, especially for the price paid. All in all though, well worth a visit.

Score: 4.6/7

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  1. This looks so similar to another pie platter



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