Thursday 25 April 2013

Tweeting at the British Pie Awards 2013

Hopefully many of our loyal pie fans will have been keeping up-to-date with the ins and outs of the British Pie Awards through yesterday, as two of the Pierateers lent a helping hand as "Pie Stewards" at the 5th annual British Pie Awards.

However for those of you who don't know your hashtags from your retweets, here is our take on the British Pie Awards 2013!

For the journey:

7:14AM - SJL

An early start to get to the , who knew Melton Mowbray was so far away? Watch out cos the pierateers are coming!

7:32AM - SJL
983 pies are to be judged at the British Pie Awards this year That is going to look and smell terrific! Hope we don't drop any.

7:34AM - RAS
Wakey wakey, rise & shine, it's time to find out which are divine! All set for a b-e-a-utiful day at British Pie Awards!

8:32AM - SJL
So here it is, Merry Christm...I mean, The British Pie Awards 2013 in sunny M Mowbray! Cast your eyes over literally a thousand pies!

9:09AM - RAS
Who would have thought it wud cost so much to get train to Melton Mowbray! Must be cos of the Awards!

9:14AM - RAS
Just exiting leicester train station toward Melton Mowbray for Awards. I can almost smell the pies waiting to be judged!

9:20AM - SJL
Finally on my last train from Ely to Melton Mowbray for . It takes a while but it's all worth it if you keep your eyes on the pies.

9:38AM - RAS
Guess who's in town... Awards

9:52AM - RAS
The Awards host - st mary's church - is in sight! Wonder if it's pie anglican?! ;-)

British Pie Awards Build-Up

10:08AM - RAS
Quite a small area of table reserved Awards for cornish pasties... not that i'm trying to infer anything by that...

10:10AM - RAS
And the winner of the Awards 2013 is... oops, a day too early!

11:18AM - RAS
So Pierateer SJL is overseeing class 5 (beef and ale) and Pierateer RAS overseeing class 10 (other meat) Awards

11:29AM - SJL
Just look at all those pies waiting to be eaten! That's only a fraction!

11:31AM - RAS
Just filming at the Awards... as you do! Full report will be added to later!

11:36AM - RAS
Even professional pie judges need to practise their rating! Practice pie being reviewed as we speak...

11:55AM - RAS
A blessing is being sung over the pies... minutes from judging!

British Pie Awards Judging

12:03PM - RAS
Judging has begun!!!

12:26PM - RAS
Pies are being eaten, notes are being written, it's all go at the Awards!

12:37PM - RAS
Slight fork shortage at the Awards but apart from that things are going well!

13:01PM - SJL
Careful judging of the beef and ale category pies at British Pie Awards

13:30PM - RAS
Pie into oven, pie out of oven, pie onto table, pie into mouth, pie judged... simple as that!

13:34PM - SJL
Controversial mini beef and ale pie "we've had bit of meat bigger than this pie" say the judges at

13:47PM - RAS
Almost two hours into helping judge and do you know what I feel like? Yep, you guessed it! Mmmm.... pie!

14:05PM - SJL
Some of the highest scoring pies from the beef and ale category . Can you see your pie there?

14:13PM - SJL
Quite a big hole in this pie Awards . Controversial, is it fully enclosed or is it just a vent?

14:28PM - SJL
Controversial when you recognise the pie! I think I know who this is

Post pie judging

14:52PM - SJL
Empty tables signal the end of judging. Now just need to wait for the top three to be annouced! Good luck .

15:07PM - SJL
The pierateers made their presence felt , nearing the end now...

16:20PM - SJL
We managed to get some pork pies to eat and now heading back home to our respective locations. Many thanks to the organisers

For full details and all the latest pie news (about the British Pie Awards and beyond!) follow @pierateers on twitter!

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