Tuesday 9 April 2013

Housing the Sainsbury’s Bramley Apple Pie

Sainsbury’s Bramley Apple Pie Review

So on the occasion of the house warming of ex-housemate Seth’s new home, the dessert was a welcome home-from-home: apple pie! It’s as if he knew about my love of pies... In any case, I certainly wasn’t going to struggle to find a “home” for the Bramley Apple Pie by Sainsbury’s.

Bramley Apple Pie by Sainsbury's
Bramley Apple Pie by Sainsbury's
Like its Blackcurrant and Apple Pie cousin, the Bramley Apple Pie was very good. The pastry was lovely and crisp, giving a good firm crunch which complemented the fruity apple content. The apple pieces were quite crunchy in parts but the apple sauce filling was very good and not overly sweet. An own brand pie, but at the more luxury end of the spectrum, the pie is well suited for three hungry eaters or four more normal portions. The pastry did crumble somewhat upon cooking but this did not detract from the delicious taste. Well worth a purchase! And here’s to many more tasty pies in the new home!

Sainsbury’s Bramley Apple Pie
Score: 5.1/7

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