Tuesday 2 April 2013

Honorary Pierateer celebrates the 25,000 page views landmark

Commitment to pies in general, and to the Pierate blog more specifically, is something that us Pierateers take very seriously. For our passion for pies goes beyond merely appreciating the taste of pastry and filling, but has developed into a slight over fascination in anything related to fillings fully encased in pastry, with a clearly defined base, sides and lid. And for those who uphold our ideals and champion the eating of our favourite dish, we both salute them but also wish to present them with something that money really cannot buy: the title of Honorary Pierateer.

Honorary Pierateer tOBy walteR
Honorary Pierateer tOBy walteR
For those of you new to the idea of an Honorary Pierateer, this title has only previously been bestowed on one person, by the name of tOBy walteR. Those familiar to twitter may have seen that tOBy walteR was presented with his Honorary Pierateer certificate back in February this year, about a year after the title was awarded* to celebrate us hitting a landmark 10,000 pageviews. (*clearly some sort of red tape or something...)

Well I am delighted to announce that at around 3am on Saturday 30th March 2013, our second big landmark was reached when the Pierate blog reached 25,000 pageviews! And to celebrate this tremendous achievement, from an additional 15,000 pageviews in approximately 15 months, we are proud to announce our second Honorary Pierateer award to... Rosa Crawford!

Honorary Pierateer Rosa
Honorary Pierateer Rosa

Rosa has been a keen follower of the pierate blog since it began, living with one of the Pierateers for a time and partaking in a number of pie related excursions with several of the Pierateers. However what we would really like to recognise in presenting this award is Rosa’s great service and dedication towards helping the people of Britain avoid what we dubbed “the pietax” (more commonly known as “the pasty tax”). We believe that with Rosa’s great service to the nation, we – the people of Britain – are paying less for our pies than we would have done had the UK Government had their taxation ways! And so to you, Rosa, we thank you! And we award you the title of Honorary Pierateer!

Here’s to the next 25,000 pageviews...


  1. Dear Rosa, congratulations on your award which sounds well deserved for your campaigning in favour of pies! You will find like me that you may as well now quit your regular job because you will simply not have time to do anything other than media appearances, lectures on pie, pie shop official openings etc. I don't do any "traditional" work and yet there is always food on our table, clothes to wear, toys to play with etc. I'm pretty sure this is to do with my status as an honorary pierateer, and I assume that's why daddy goes out all day every day - to collect the food awarded to us in recognition of my fame.
    Anyway if you need any advice please give me a shout. As you can see from the pictures, honorary pierateer status can age you pretty quickly.

    All the best, Toby Walter (pierate website appears to have caps lock issues)

  2. Dear Pierateers,
    Thank you very much for the honour, I'd like to say how privileged I am to have the unions campaign against the injustice of the pie tax recognised in such pie-stigious quarters!
    And thank you for the congrats my fellow Honoree Toby and might I say congratulations to you for receiving this honour at such a tender age, you'll be a world famous in pie circles by the time you reach double figures!
    Looking forward to the phone ringing off the hook as people beg to know where the next pie justice campaign is taking place..



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