Monday 1 April 2013

Eat My Pies? Okay!

Eat My Pies pie review – Pork, Apple and Leek

I’ve come to KERB, a pop-up street food marketplace in King’s Cross London where vendors alternate every week to bring some tasty street food to the streets of the city. This week is the turn of Eat My Pies a.k.a. Andy Bates of FoodNetwork fame. He’s turned his hand to pie making, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that his pies are rather good. Eat My Pies is apparently about bringing Great British food to the Great British public - and with an instruction like “Eat My Pies”, I need no further convincing to leave the office and head up to King’s Cross for my lunch.

I find the Eat My Pies stall, and sure enough Andy himself is there to talk me through the wide and exciting array of pies he has on offer. I’m tempted by the chorizo pie, but in the end I opt for a warm Pork, Apple and Leek pie. It’s £5, which can initially seem like quite a chunk of money for a small pie, but I’m also well aware this is gourmet pie territory (plus the pie is warm).

eat my pies apple pork review
Topped off with an apple lid
The first thing you might note about this pie is that it is lacking a pastry lid. Instead, Andy has opted for an apple topping. The pie purists amongst you out there might draw attention to the fact that a pie can be defined by having “a filling that is totally and wholly encased in pastry”, but I’m willing to waiver that rule and give Eat My Pies the benefit of the doubt in this instance. Certainly what the pie lacks in pastry topping, it makes up for in extra chunky pastry sides. As you can see from this cross-sectional view, the pastry sides are mightily thick! Probably a good thing if you’re eating this pie with a knife and fork, but I found this made it difficult to bite into the pie with just my teeth.

eat my pies apple pork review
Teeth marks

How does the pie taste?


The pork is moist. And herby. And totally, enthrallingly, mesmerizingly delicious. I’ve never had a pork pie like it. This is not your regular pork pie: this is a true taste sensation. In terms of taste, this pie ranks right up there as being one of the most appealing I’ve ever had. The apple works brilliantly with the pork, which is juicy, authentic and flavoursome. It’s a great pie that puts many others to shame.

On the whole, the pie looks cool and quirky. It tastes fabulous too. However, it lacks a pie lid, and the pastry sides are a bit too thick to eat comfortably without cutlery. The pie is also a little on the expensive side.

Forget that though, it was delicious! Yum. I’d very highly recommend you Eat This Pie.

Please note that I would have given this pie 6.49/7, but as there is no pastry lid then it is unfortunately not possible for me to rate this pie higher than 6.

Eat My Pies – Pork, Apple and Leek pie
Score: 5.99/7 (see note above about the score)

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