Tuesday 18 June 2013

Iceland – the land of the frozen pie!

Chicken and Bacon Individual Pie Review from Iceland

It’s not just mums that shop at Iceland you know – Pierateers do too! With a whole large freezer draw full of pies, it was only the lack of a nearby Iceland store that had stopped the Pierateers rummaging and pillaging the Iceland frozen pie stock sooner for a range of buried pie treasure! Well I can confirm that this was well worth the wait, as the selection of pies available will prompt many a pie return, especially after how good their Chicken and Bacon Individual Pie was. The only query I had was over the use of the word individual – as I’m not sure how small this individual would have to be in order to just consume one of these beauties. My thought is that I could probably have stretched to three, however I settled at 2 for a lunchtime snack. Fortunately they are sold in packs of 4, so just remember to account for at least 2 or 3 per person when purchasing.

Iceland Chicken and Bacon Pies
Iceland Chicken and Bacon Pies
Onto the actual pie itself, and the packaging certainly holds nothing back. It claims to be “short crust pastry base filled with tender pieces of chicken and smoked bacon in a creamy sauce topped with a puff pastry lid”. I can’t really put it better myself, other than to say that the short crust pastry sides and base are both sturdy and not too thick, holding the contents well, and the puff pastry lid is crisp, golden and delightful. The chicken is tender and spread quite well throughout the pie and while only small pieces, the bacon tastes good too. You can’t deny the capacity is packed to the rafters in this pie, which comes as a great delight following a number of pubs selling mini pie platters where the small pie has literally one or two pieces of meat. No so here! While this pie is quite small in size, it is packed with content. The creamy sauce is very flavoursome, though a little overpowering in part when taking a mouthful of pie that is slightly lacking in meat and it does get a bit much when eating the several pies you need to make this a meal, rather than an appetiser. But that is only a slight criticism, as the creamy sauce complements the chicken and bacon well and makes a nice change to the gravy based pies we all know and love. The condition the pies came in was very good, with the puff pastry certainly having a life of its own (see the photo!)

At £1.50 for four (small) individual pies, you really can’t find much fault in these pies! They certainly need to be a bit bigger but with a little more meat and a little less cream sauce I reckon this Pierateer would be regularly pie shopping in Iceland!

Iceland Chicken and Bacon Pies Review
Iceland Chicken and Bacon Pies Review

Iceland Chicken and Bacon Individual Pie
Score: 6.0/7

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