Wednesday 19 June 2013

Britons, Your Country Needs YOU to Eat More Pies

Kelly's Kitchen Steak & Guinness Pie Review

An iconic war time poster. Lord Kitchener, a hero to the British public, trying to instil some sense amongst British men that it was their duty to fight for their country. Would the same kind of thing happen today? Would people feel that sense of duty, that their country's needs are greater than their own? The social awakening which has happened since the 1960s has been a double edged sword. People feel less need to conform to social norms and more free to fulfil their own ambitions. People are more free to travel and socialise with others via technology. Their social group may not be so restricted to their own village, town or country. However, has this come with the cost of a loss of community? It is well documented that in small communities it seems that shops and pubs are closing down at an alarming rate. It seems strange that now people are more free to do what they want, that the environment around us has actually homogenised to a greater extent with the same shops on most high streets.

It is clear that this is NOT a good situation for a pie lover. Just have a look at the top 20 pies that we have reviewed. More often than not the best pies come from small independent suppliers. It is true that some good pies can be obtained from the supermarkets or chain pubs but there would be a wealth of variety and quality lost if these were your only options. With this in mind it was good to see a new sandwich shop/bakery open up in the village of Lane End, Buckinghamshire called Kelly's Kitchen. Walking past I saw their sandwich board outside advertising home made pies. The question of what to have for lunch had been answered. Heading inside I found a friendly atmosphere and a range of pies on offer. I opted for a classic Steak and Guinness pie. At £2.50 it wasn't even very expensive for a sizeable pie. This was the perfect takeaway pie. It had solid pastry and held together well. The gravy was lovely and thick so it didn't ooze out too much. The meat was flavoursome. On the downside the pastry tasted slightly too doughy for me, as though it could've done with being cooked a little bit more. I also struggled to detect the taste of Guinness although the pie still tasted very good. This pie actually reminded me of a Pukka pie, with it's deliciously thick gravy. So a solid performer but little more than an average pie. It may not have been an outstanding pie but this is my local pie shop so I am sure I will visit again. It is time for pie lovers to put their money where their mouths are and stand up for their community. Buy the pies in your local shop or bakery now before they disappear forever.

Steak & Guinness (Kelly's Kitchen [HP14 3LP]) 


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