Wednesday 5 June 2013

Smoking hot pie at the Battersea Pie Station

Winstone (Steak and Kidney) Pie Review at Battersea Pie Station, Covent Garden, London

Battersea Pie Station Pie Shop Pie ReviewWhen you need some fuel for the afternoon ahead, it's good to station yourself at a top pie shop in town and get pie inside you! That is exactly what I did when ready to combust with hunger on my Bank Holiday, with a non-renewable pie in my sights! So as I was meeting a friend near Covent Garden, I popped in to the Pie-er Plant that is Battersea Pie Station, ready for some pie fuel!

I ordered two pies – one a hot pie to eat then and also a cold pork pie to take away. Firstly I ate the Winstone pie, which was a Steak and Kidney pie eaten hot while on the premises. And I’m pleased to say that the Winstone was a winner. Inside the golden pastry were good tender chunks of steak. The kidney tasted good to and not overpowering the taste of the pie. The gravy was nice, not too runny and very flavoursome. While the pastry was quite crisp, it wasn’t too thick and held the pie together well. The condition was top notch with a golden crust topping. It was nice pastry, reasonably solid but didn’t weigh you down like some thicker pastry can. I also very much liked the Battersea pie bowl it was presented in. It was quite pricey for a pie at £5 to eat in (pie only, trimmings are extra) but was in Central London and Covent Garden after all, so can't get a much cooler place to eat pie! Pie fuel much appreciated!

Winstone Steak and Kidney Pie Review
Winstone Steak and Kidney Pie Review

Battersea Pie Station Winstone (Steak and Kidney)
Score: 6/7

Chicken & Ham Pork Pie Review at Battersea Pie Station, Covent Garden, London

Certainly not something I'd come across before, this pie was pork pie by name but no pork by nature! However the nice ham made up for the porkie in the title! The pie had a very pleasant crust which was quite light and flaky on top and sides, a little thicker on the base. It was a lot lighter and less strongly flavoured than your traditional pork pie.

Chicken and Ham Pork Pie Review
Chicken and Ham Pork Pie
As for the content, the chunk of ham was very flavoursome and quite stringy, not chewy at all and a good addition. The chicken wrapped round the ham and was the major filling. It was a bit tangy, perhaps slightly over seasoned but then you do expect more seasoning with your pork pie style pies! The chicken tasted pretty good, though harder to tell how tender it was in a pork pie style.

Chicken and Ham Pork Pie

The colour was good and the capacity quite strong, though there were gaps where you would normally expect jelly (which was fortunately absent, as I think this would have ruined the flavour). It was certainly an interesting for a change but I wouldn't regularly go for it. Marks for novelty though. There was the issue of the meat flavours not being split very evenly throughout, with a large clump of ham off centre, and there was a bit of fat within the chicken section, but certainly a positive meat experiment!

Would love to try a 'meat and gravy' version of this pie though - reckon that would give me fuel for thought!

Battersea Pie Station Chicken & Ham Pork Pie
Score: 5.2/7


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