Saturday 8 June 2013

Pie Label Warning

Warning: The following article includes reference to something that may shock and appal you: burnt pie. If you are of a nervous pie disposition, please look away now.
Here at we may mainly be known for our pie reviews, but we also want to help the public out on anything pie related. That may mean petitioning against the pie tax, debating the height to width ratio of a proper pie or, in the case of below, highlighting inaccuracies in the pie labelling world.
The following information has been provided by Barry @QuantumPirate regarding the Tesco pie he cooked and that burnt. Fortunately Tesco are looking into the matter, as the last thing we want to see is burnt pie!
On requesting if I could re-post his image, Barry very kindly agreed by saying “Please do, if it saves one poor soul from burning their pie then I’ll be happy I’ve made the world a better place.” Couldn’t put it better myself!

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