Tuesday 18 June 2013

Morrison's brunch is pick of the bunch

Morrison's Brunch Slicing Pie Review

We may have all enjoyed the delights of a lunchtime or an evening pie, but how many have enjoyed the sweet savoury taste of a breakfast pie? Well shiver me timbers, look what I found in Morrison’s!

brunch pie morrisons

This cheeky little chappy was hiding away in the deli section. How long he’s been hiding there is anyone’s guess, but it’s okay, we’ve spotted him now! This is a Limited Edition ‘Brunch Slicing Pie’. Although the label sports an ingredients list, one must note the slight omission of ‘egg’ and ‘pastry’ there. Anyway, this lovely thing is 26% pork and only 99p per 100g. I have no idea whether that’s cheap or expensive because I’m terrible with guesstimating weight. In fact, one of the main reasons why I don’t frequent the deli counter that often is because I’m secretly ashamed of being unable to express what weight of olives I require. Fortunately in this case, there’s a perfect Pierateer-sized portion of the brunch pie already sliced.

And here it is on a plate.

brunch pie morrisons
Gosh, it looks a bit lonely there, doesn’t it?


brunch pie morrisons

That's better.

At this stage I have to point out that I was eating this pie at about 10pm, so my plate of ‘brinner’ was met with many a confused stare from my housemates. Of course, they were jealous of the pie. And how was the pie? It was great. I had it cold, so it was a bit odd when juxtaposed with the warm baked beans, but I feel that this is a pie that exists to be consumed cold. Like a pork pie. Which is what this pie essentially is, but with egg in the middle. The pork is also more of a sausage meat affair rather than what you’d find in a pork pie (let alone a Melton Mowbray pork pie). And there’s no jelly. So it’s actually not really like a pork pie at all. It tasted good but on the whole was a bit dry and the meat wasn’t great quality. It needed the baked beans to wetten it up a bit. As with all pork pies, the pie was filled to capacity. The colour of the pastry was a lovely deep brown but the meat looked a bit strange and mottled. The pie arrived to me in great condition, and felt fresh from the store. In terms of cheapness, it doesn’t score well, as this pie set me back a fair whack – somewhere about £2.50. This pie felt a bit more like a gimmick rather than something I’d actually look forward to buying again. Good on Morrison’s for making it though!

Morrison’s Brunch Slicing Pie
Score: 5.35/7
Pierateer TJP

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