Sunday 23 February 2014

Will I pepper Pukka Pies with compliments?

Pukka Pies Peppered Steak Pie Review
Mention “peppered steak” and “pastry”, and I bet you’ll think of a Ginsters peppered steak slice. Well that’s what I thought of anyway (oops, maybe I should mention that I thought of a slice!).
But no, the reality is that Pukka Pies are now selling Peppered Steak Pies!
Naturally, faced with a new Pukka Pie flavour, I just had to try one.
Pukka Pies Review
Pukka Pies Review
As you can see, the colour is the classic golden Pukka Pie colour. On opening the pie for the cross-sectional view, you can see there is a slight air-gap at the top of the pie, although nothing too disastrous.
However, as you can see in this photo, the contents do look quite gloopy, with not a lot of discernable steak pieces. But more importantly, if you look closely you can see some black specks within the filling – because yes, this pie is rather peppery. And by rather peppery, I mean rather too peppery! They weren’t lying when they said this was a peppered steak pie, because my word the pie tastes strongly of pepper. For me, there was too much pepper.
On the positive side of things, the pie was cheap. Pukka Pies tend to vary in cost in supermarkets from about £1 to £1.80.
Pukka Pies Peppered Steak Pie
Score: 4.11/7

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