Friday 7 February 2014

10,000 Pie Tweets for the Pierateers

Technology… it ain’t what it used to be! With the creation of Twitter, people can communicate across the globe with people you would never get to any other way! For us Pierateers, it’s a great way to share our love of pies with the world and as we’ve just hit 10,000 tweets, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect, appreciate and talk pie!

So here it is: some exciting news to celebrate in our 10,000th tweet!

It may be a sur-pies but we’ve only actually had a Twitter account since 18th December 2012, but in those 14 months we’ve been sharing our love of pies with the world, and been delighted to tweet about pie to so many lovely people and pie companies. So a big thank you to everyone who’s shared in the pie banter, enjoyed reading our pie reviews and sent us pie suggestions and pie puns for our Pierate Pie Dictionary! We've even added a "Pie Tunes" section to our Pie Dictionary in celebration at reaching 10,000 tweets (so do tweet us some suggestions!)

Tesco Pie Review Letter
Tesco show their a-pie-reciation

An especially BIG THANK YOU to every pie company who has generously sent us pies or pie vouchers as part of conversations that have come up through Twitter. There are so many I couldn’t possibly list them all here, but a few pie-lights are the World Exclusive Apple Lattice Pies that Mr Kipling sent to us to rate, deliveries of pie goodies from Paul’s Pies, Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies, Lovett Pies, Nice Pie, Brocklebys, Sainsbury’s, Tesco (via the gift card they’ve sent for pies), Higgidy Pies, DS and Foodamentalists and invites for free pies from @MotherMash, @CanteenLondon and @PieburyCorner. We even arranged our sponsorship of @Woodies12 Pantomime "Captain Hook's Revenge" on Twitter!

What would Twitter be without the regular pie banter with pie producers @MotherMash, @CanteenLondon, @PieburyCorner and @Brays_Cottage and pie fans @NikSpeller, @AshleighAuld and @OllyRust and many, many more that keep us amused and entertained! We’ve exchanged tweets with Olympians, Great British Bake Off contestants and celebrity chefs (like our infamous fish pie debate with Nigella Lawson) but just as importantly we’ve had plenty of banter with you – the pie fans up and down the country who want to know a highly recommended pie when you see one!!!

We thank each and every pie producer and pie fan that’s retweeted us in the past and as we set off on our next 10,000 tweets, we hope that we continue to entertain, amuse and fill your twitter feeds with pie-fect pie reviews that you’ll love to read!

And don’t worry - it won’t be long until our next landmark celebration! We’ll tell you all about that on Twitter…

pukka pie review
10,000 tweets - celebrated with a Pukka Pie!

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