Wednesday 12 February 2014

British Pie Week – Introducing the #PiePledge

I’m sure you won’t need any reminding that it is British Pie Week from 3rd to 9th March this year – we certainly won’t let you miss it! – but you may be thinking “What can I do for British Pie Week?!”

After all, you may have read our British Pie Week article and know that in British Pie Week 2013 we ate 50 pies between the three of us and Pierateer SJL went a day with #onlypiesallowed – where he only ate 3362 kcal of pie (11 pies and nothing else) for a whole day! Not everyone is quite that pie-crazy!

But what can you do for British Pie Week? Well we’d love you to get involved in whatever way you can and here’s how:

Introducing the #PiePledge

Last year in British Pie Week 2013 we introduced the #PiePledge as a way for pie eaters or pie makers to make pledges either before or during British Pie Week about what they are going to commit to do regarding pie. And with British Pie Week coming up soon, what better thing than make your #PiePledge ready for British Pie Week?

Find out what the Pierateers have commited to do during British Pie Week by reading the list of Pierateers #PiePledge commitments!

Here’s some examples for individuals:

- #PiePledge to eat a pie every day of British Pie Week (not for the feint hearted but the Pierateers pledge to do this as standard)
- #PiePledge to “shop local” and buy a pie from an independent local supplier/butchers rather than the Supermarkets for British Pie Week
- #PiePledge to complete Pie-thagoras Theorem on one day of British Pie Week – where you eat pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (See our article on Pie-thagoras Theorem for more details!)
- #PiePledge to make a homemade pie – completely from scratch – this British Pie Week
- #PiePledge to eat a flavour of pie you’ve never tried before – like Zebra, Kangaroo or Squirrel

And here’s some examples for pie companies:

- #PiePledge to release a new pie flavour for British Pie Week
- #PiePledge to increase the number of pie-motions in British Pie Week to boost pie sales even further!
- #PiePledge to tweet about pies even more than usual in British Pie Week (though that's surely a given!)

We hope we’ve provided some ins-pie-ration for your #PiePledge and look forward to unveiling some of our #PiePledge ideas live on air on BCfm Radio when we appear in the studio on Wednesday 26th February – the week before British Pie Week! You will be able to listen in on your lunch break from 1-2pm by going to or catch up from Wednesday evening by going to to hear from Pierateer RAS and the Pierateers plans for British Pie Week!

You can tweet your #PiePledge to @pierateers or leave a comment below - but more than anything, enjoy your pies in British Pie Week!

Here's new Honorary Pierateer Ashleigh's #PiePledge:
And here's new Honorary Pierateer Olivia's #PiePledge:
Here's the #PiePledge from pie company Dorset Pies:
Here's a great charitable #PiePledge from pie company mash&pie:
Here's Joseph's #PiePledge:
Here is Daniel's which is impressive!

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