Sunday 5 October 2014

Stickin' a "chicken" and mushroom pie in the oven

Quorn Chicken and Mushroom Pie Review

No, no, before you ask, we haven't gone vegetarian. This might be our second veggie Quorn pie review in a row, but that's just because I've spotted an expanded Quorn section at my local ASDA. The Quorn pork pies we previously reviewed were, whilst palatable, an air-filled disappointment. What will we make of this Quorn Chicken and Mushroom pie?

quorn chicken pie

At £2, this is fairly cheap for a regular sized 1-person pie. Of course, it's by no means the cheapest (the £1 pie is not uncommon), but then again it doesn't cost £3+ like the likes of Pieminister or Higgidy.

quorn chicken pie

After some time in the oven, the puff pastry lid is a nice golden brown colour.

quorn chicken pie

The cross-sectional view shows that the pie has a notable air gap between the filling and the lid, which isn't great. Also, the filling looks rather grey and a bit mushy. I don't know how they got the pie to look like the photograph on the box, but my pie really doesn't look like it's remotely related.

I am not really a fan of mushrooms, although I am starting to accept them a bit more now. However, this pie tasted very strongly of mushrooms. I suppose if there is no taste of real chicken to balance it out, then the mushroom flavour is of course going to be overpowering. I also couldn't spot any mushroom pieces in the grey filling (they may have been there, but I couldn't spot any). I was impressed at how real the Quorny chicken actually looked. However, the Quorn had little taste, so everything just tasted strongly of mushroom which I felt was rather unpleasant. Where were the wholesome, chunky vegetables? Where the were the nice added touches, like some added herbs? The inside of this pie just reminded of a cheap £1 pie, except double the price. In the end, I just started eating the pastry so I didn't feel like it was £2 completely wasted.

Also, take a look at that saturated fat content in the first photo - at 60% of your daily intake per pie, I am stunned. Good job I didn't eat all of it. Overall, I didn't enjoy this pie. In my opinion it was overpowering in mushroom flavour, and I personally would have much preferred a pie filled with nice veg than imitation chicken. I have enjoyed other vegetarian pies in the past much more than I enjoyed this pie.

Quorn Chicken and Mushroom Pie Review
Score: 2.3/7

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