Friday 24 October 2014

Pie Theft! - Pieday Friday - October 24 2014

It's Friday! It's Pieday!

Hi pie people! Another week has gone by, blimey. Here's some interesting stuff that happened in the past week.


Now I know we're all keen to get our hands on pies, but there is absolutely no excuse for the events that occurred in the last week in Brookwood, Surrey. In a disgraceful act of pieracy, good-for-nothing thieves let themselves into the Baker's Dozen store and stole pies and pasties from the bakery area. Surrey Police have released a description of the two suspects, who remain at XX-large.

Worcester source of great football pies

£4.50 for a football pie? You've got to be Kidderminstering me! At least, that's what we were all saying last week, when the Worcestershire town's football club topped the BBC's list of most expensive football pie. But it seems that our shock of the price is misplaced, as the club's fans have leapt to defend the pies that they say are "worth every penny". Even Football Focus presenter Dan Walker loves them! The pies apparently weigh in at 700g, and are adored by fans on either end of the pitch. However, there is a SHOCKING twist. These are cottage pies - i.e. they're not actually even true pies!

Of course you don't need us to remind you that we were pie advisers to the BBC last week, featuring in a BBC video on football pies!

Pie Tweet of the Week!

We always love to see photos of pies you've made, especially when they look this good. You can read about The Ship's Cook attempt at making an Indian Hot Water Crust pie using one of Chetna's recipes.

Life of Pies

Huge congratulations go to our friend and fellow pie-fanatic Martin, who loves eating pies so much he's written a whole book about it. The Life of Pies book launch is this Friday October 24th, and there will apparently be FREE PIES! Of course, the earliest mention of the words FREE and PIE in the sentence (specifically in that order, not the other way round!) and Pierateer RAS cancelled all previous plans for his Friday and booked a ticket to Wigan. It should be a great evening.

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