Monday 6 October 2014

Pie Graffiti Takes Unexpected Twist

After the Pierateers had to confirm that they are not responsible for "The Pies" motorway graffiti  it seems that graffiti artists may be now trying to send a message to the Pierateers themselves. The graffiti "PIE PIGS" has emerged near to SJL's workplace in Gloucester. For us, it seems too much of a coincidence to dismiss, after all, we are well known for eating a lot of pies. If you have any information please let us know.

Pie Pigs Graffiti

We have also investigated further the origins of "The Pies" graffiti. It seems like the incident near Chester is not the only occurance of "The Pies" graffiti. It appears to be something of a meme which has occurred around the Liverpool area for a number of years. The original on the railway bridge over the M57 repetitively stated "The Pies The Pies", just to emphasis the point. Some have speculated that "The Pies" are in fact a band and do the graffiti themselves. There is a band who have been playing in Liverpool called "The Pies". They have been playing in Liverpool since 2005 but only released their first single in 2010, it all seems a bit suspect. Perhaps the band have named themselves because of the graffiti or it is purely coincidental. They have released an album 'This is your time' which has also appeared alongside the graffti which adds weight that theory.

The Pies The Pies Graffiti

The Pies Graffiti This is your time
Pies Graffiti Liverpool
Pies Graffiti

Whatever the cause, many have stated that they like the graffiti and it reassures them that they are in the Northern pie heartlands.

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