Sunday 16 November 2014

Mistake and kidney; and the apple of my pie

It was #InternationalPierateDay, so it was only right that I had a double-pie for dinner!

First up is a pie that my esteemed colleague Pierateer RAS has already reviewed - a Bird's Eye steak and kidney pie. However, while RAS seemed to have quite a satisfactory experience with this pie, my experience was not quite the same.

The pie just collapsed and fell apart as I cut into it. However, I'm willing to accept that perhaps my friend's oven wasn't up to the task of cooking this pie. Although I put it in the oven for the allocated time, this was my friend's oven so perhaps I'm not used to how it cooks. Also, the lack of golden colour on the pie would suggest it might be underbaked. However, regardless of that, I did find the filling lacking in any decent chunks of meat - it was mostly gravy, and didn't taste particularly nice in my opinion. I won't rock the boat by re-scoring this pie (as the venerable RAS has already fulfilled this duty) - but let's just say, I personally wouldn't buy this pie again.

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 Freshpack Apple Pie Review

Now onto dessert - and a pie we haven't rated! A £1.49 large apple pie from Freshpack. This is a decent price for a large pie.

Upon removing the pie from the oven, you can see there is a very uneven bake. Again, this is most likely my friend's oven at fault here. However, some of the pastry on the lid is a little soggy and the pie doesn't look in the best of conditions. The lid is very plain and a bit boring. The pie is also quite shallow. (Note that the picture on the box is just a serving suggestion - if you want the lid to look like that, you have to add additional sugar and milk)

On cutting into the pie, I can see just how shallow this pie is. In my opinion, the filling isn't the best of quality - it seems rather sickly sweet, and it's small jammy chunks of apple are quite distant from a quality hand-made affair. The pastry is a bit bland, a tad chewy, and doesn't have that nice flaky texture. Still, I shared this pie with two friends and we all quite enjoyed it (and it got eaten pretty quickly, so that's a good sign). In short, this pie is cheap and friendly, but its shortcomings are fairly obvious.

Freshpack Apple Pie
[Colour: 3 Condition: 3 Content: 2 Capacity: 3.5 Chewiness: 4 Consistency: 3 Cheapness: 5]
Score: 3.36/7

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