Tuesday 25 November 2014

Pies at the Pierate Party!

The pies of the www.pierate.co.uk 5th Birthday pie-rty!

We were absolutely delighted to be able to celebrate less than two weeks after International Pierate Day 2014 with almost 60 guests, who had the chance to enjoy traditional London Pie and Mash for dinner and then rate some delicious home made dessert pies, at our 5th Birthday Pie-rty held in Birmingham. So what were all these lovely pies?

You can read about the pie party itself - as opposed to just about the pies that were eaten and rated there - in our "Pierate's 5th Birthday Pie-rty" article!

Following in the footsteps of our Pierate Pie Contest 2013, guests had the chance to bring their own pie creations – this time for dessert – with a wide range of pies (and a few “pies”) brought along and thoroughly enjoyed! There was a great selection of dessert pies provided, ranging from the traditional apple and fruit pies to chocolate and cherry and one containing three snickers bars! Naturally the guests were told about the 7 Cs of pie rating and able to give the pies they tried a pie rating!

Home made Pie Party Review
The home made pies of the Pierate Birthday Pie-rty!
Thanks once again to all those who brought a home made pie along with them. It was a great selection and people thoroughly enjoyed them!

The Pierateers also got in on the act, making a fruit pie for dessert. The apple pie Pierateer RAS made was significantly less exotic than the crocodile pie he made a few months ago, which went on to star in the Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice pie episode in which it was rated by none other than Michelin star winning TV chef Michel Roux Jr! However his fruit pie proved popular with the guests and other friends who tried it.

Caroline Artiss Apple Pie Review
Rob used the apple pie recipe by Youtube Chef Caroline Mili Artiss - who has her own Youtube Channel sharing lots of top recipes. This particular recipe can be found on the "indi" website which showcased this apple pie alongside some other goods from this time of year in a competition a few weeks ago. Though let's face it - what could possibly beat a good old apple pie?!

While it didn't quite bake evenly, I think I did the pie justice and the  additional pastry pie, knife and fork logo is reasonably clear on the top! A very nice, sweet apple pie which has a firm but crumbly crust was very tasty and strong enough to be able to pick up in your hand. And not a soggy bottom in sight - exactly what a Pierateer expects from their pie! I would definitely recommend you watch the video and give this apple pie a go. Great job Caroline!

Apple Pie Review

Apple Pie Review

Pierate Pie Party Guests

And let's not forget the savoury pies we were treated to at the party...

Dinner by The London Pie and Mash Company
The Pierateers had organised for dinner to be provided by The London Pie and Mash Company, a relatively new company who are able to cater for parties, festivals and other events. They served up, unsurprisingly, traditional London pie and mash – the name really does give it away! These minced beef pies, mash potato and liquor went down really well with the party guests, and many people enjoyed trying the vinegar and liquor with their pie for the first time. The vegetarian pies were filled with seasonal vegetables and got very good comments from those who tried one too.

Paul's Pies Pie Review
Paul's Pies as pie-rizes!
And if you think the pies look familiar, that’s because The London Pie and Mash Company use the authentic London pies made in London by Eel House Ltd pies – who we have already rated as “Pierate Recommended” with a great 5.73/7! (Click on the link and you can find out how to order some Eel House Ltd pies yourself!)

We also can't forget to mention the delicious Paul's Pies we were donated as the pie-rizes for those who had baked a homemade pie, who got to take home one of Paul’s Highly Rated Pies with them as a big thank you! Thanks to Paul’s Pies for providing a big box of their delicious pies!


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  1. sorry we missed International pierate day.Like you we are passionate about pies at Arments. Next time you are in the Walworth area come and try one of our Traditional English pies


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