Thursday 4 June 2015

Run of the Millers

Millers Bakery - Pork Pie Review

Looking through the list of pies I have eaten this year and not yet reviewed (known on the Pierate Ship as the 'pie backlog') I came across this intriguing specimen from Millers Bakery. This was a special from my corner shop who tend to sell brands that no-one has ever heard of. They were certainly new to me, but reading the back of the packet it seems like Millers are part of the large Kerry Foods company (despite it claiming to be a 'family bakery') and this was almost certainly churned out of some huge factory somewhere. But, there are some pretty good mass produced pies out there so I didn't let this put me off sinking my teeth into the porkie goodness.

Condition – 4.00 out of 7 - Whilst on first appearances it may look like any other pork pie, it almost seemed to call to me from the shelf, I just couldn't resist, so they must be doing something right. Perhaps it was their catchy slogans on the packaging.
Colour – 4.10 out of 7 – A nice dark brown to the pastry, but the filling was a bit of a lurid pink.
Cheapness – 3.70 out of 7 – This was a decent size for an individual pork pie. It certainly wouldn't do for lunch on it's own, but as it is only £1, why not get two?
Capacity – 3.60 out of 7 – Whilst not terrible, there was a sizeable air gap to this pie, more so than suggested in the picture. When will pie companies learn that air adds nothing to the flavour of a pie?!
Chewiness – 4.40 out of 7 – This filling had a nice granular consistency, a bit like a melton mowbray pork pie. The pastry sides had a nice crunch but it was let down by the rest of the pastry being soggy and soft.
Millers BakeryContent – 4.90 out of 7 – It was nice and peppery which added a bit of flavour (like my favourites from Dickinson & Morris) it was seasoned with salt but not too much. This was very nice to find with a pork pie which are too often overly salty. Sadly the jelly had all fallen to the bottom which left it a bit dry in places. 
Consistency – 4.30 out of 7 – At times it soared high like the sails of a windmill (millers, get it?) but at others it plunged to the depths of the soggy bottom that it had. A real mixed bag this one, overall it has ended up with a pretty run of the mill score but despite this I look fondly on my experience with Millers Bakery.

Pork Pie (Millers Bakery)


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