Sunday 7 June 2015

The Writing's on the Wall's

Wall's - Mini Pork Pie Review

wall pork pies

Wall's meat products have been around since Richard Wall opened a market stall in London in 1786. His descendent carried on the business and began to make ice cream in the summer when the demand for their sausages and pies fell, hence how they ended up being in two very different markets. Wall's meat business is now run by Kerry Foods and the observant amongst you may have noticed they also made the Millers Bakery pork pie I reviewed recently. So you might think the writing's on the wall for this one, it will probably be very much the same as the Millers pie. However, this was not the case, the Millers pie did at least get some things right, whereas there wasn't much that was good about this Wall's version.
wall pork pieCondition – 3.50 out of 7 - The pies were pretty average in shape but they were pockmarked by burnt on filling which had boiled out.
Colour – 2.50 out of 7 – The Wall's pies were quite literally pale imitations of the Millers version, there was no nice dark brown here, it certainly could not be mistaken for a melton mowbray pork pie. The filling was a mix of pink and grey but with some white fatty bits which you could tell were going to be chewy. I thought it all looked quite unappealing.
Cheapness – 3.20 out of 7 – £1.16 from a local corner shop, this isn't great value as you could get a pack of four mini pies for a similar price in a supermarket.
Capacity – 3.50 out of 7 – These mini pies always suffer with capacity, it is very difficult to get enough filling in. These pies didn't have very big airgaps but this was partly due to quite a thick pastry. To give them some credit, they were slightly bigger than most other 'mini' pork pies on the market.
Chewiness – 1.50 out of 7 – If you like your pies soft, stodgy and chewy then you will not be able to get enough of these pies! I fear that Wall's are targeting quite a niche market with this texture combination. The majority of people with functioning sensory perception will find this quite horrible. The problem mainly lay with the thick and soft pastry which Wall's had somehow made chewy! Combine this with chewy bits in the filling and you are on to winner if you are selling pies to people who only eat pies which have been through a liquidiser.
walls pieContent – 3.00 out of 7 – The actual flavour of the filling was okay. It was seasoned like sausage meat but, as is common with cheaper pork pies, it was overly salty. The meat was at least in chunks and not just a mush like some pork pies.
Consistency – 2.50 out of 7 – They say Wall's well that ends well and at least once I had eaten this pie I was happy enough. I knew I wouldn't have to eat one again. Okay, it was edible, perhaps I have been a bit harsh for comic effect but it was such a low standard for the price, I would avoid it if you can.

Mini Pork Pie (Wall's)


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