Friday 26 June 2015

Why I'm NOT voting to #savethepie!

"Why I'm NOT voting to #savethepie!" - Pierateer RAS gives his views on the latest pie news to grab the Scottish newspaper headlines

The following article is a response piece to the latest pie headlines to sweep Scotland, relating to Gregg's decision to controversially stop selling the Macaroni pie. It has prompted the #savethepie campaign and an online petition.

Pierateer SJL last night gave his views on why he personally supports the petition, while trying to look at the silver lining that this decision may bring. However Pierateer RAS is less convinced, and here are a few of his reasons why he doesn't plan to sign the e-petition.

Pierate Pie Reviews
Yes, it may be yet another attention grabbing headline by Pierate Pie Reviews - and we're not short of a few of those, with our Tiger pie review and Pies Don't Make You Fat! article - but it's true! I WON'T be supporting the latest pie e-petition by signing up to bring back the Greggs Macaroni pie, for a number of reasons, which Pierateer SJL has very helpfully touched upon already in his recent Macaroni pie review. Of course you'll never catch me saying I'm anti-pie, but this e-pietition has not grabbed my attention and here's why:

Firstly, is it really a pie? While SJL may have managed to dig out a fully encased version for this review, nearly all Macaroni pies I've seen are not even fully encased. More of a tart, you might argue.

Secondly, should we be promoting corporate chains over local bakeries? I personally hope that this decision by Greggs will actually mean people buy MORE pies - but pies from their local craft bakeries instead, of which we know there are many great ones in Scotland.

Finally, with no disrespect to Greggs per-se but they have hardly set the pie world alight! Despite the TV show based on their bakeries being called "More than meats the pies", I've yet to see a pie sold in any of their stores and the pie rating of their Mince Beef and Onion pies was beyond shocking. Greggs are clearly more interested in maintaining profits than selling pies, so to be quite frank I'm not sure I want them to keep selling Macaroni pies - or any pies for that matter - if that's their attitude towards the pastry beauties!

So... there you go. I'm CERTAINLY not against pies - don't get me wrong on that - and the e-petition by @Biltawulf on banning casserole dishes topped with pastry being called pies is definitely a pie-tition that gets my full support. (I've even given my sixpence on that topic in my recent "Is it Times for a change in pub pie provision?" article.)

But as for Macaroni pies no longer being sold in Greggs? I think that might actually be a blessing in disguise.



In a dramatic turn of events, it turns out that the e-petition founder Paul Tonner (@HeavyVoodoo) doesn't even like Macaroni Pies and thus isn't really that bothered about re-instating the pie in Greggs! But there is a very serious message as to why the petition was founded, and you can find out more about that in this short video from Paul himself:

We echo Paul's request for change.

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