Sunday 29 December 2013

Watching Pierateers in Panto? Oh yes we did!!!

Pierate as Programme Sponsor
Programme Sponsor
In a first for Pierate, we recently sponsored our first event – as was the official programme sponsor of The Woodfield Entertainers 2013 pantomime “Captain Hook’s Revenge”, performed from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th December 2013.

Representing the programme sponsors, I (Pierateer RAS) went to see pie rating pirates in panto in person! With a ticket to the Saturday matinee, I was treated to a lovely local production of the pantomime and had a good time afterwards meeting some of the cast in the local pub.

Did you know?
Captain Hook's favourite pie is a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. (I asked him myself!)

Tonkerbell, Peter Pan, Dotty the Dame, Captain Hook and Sharkey
You’ll probably have guessed there aarrrrrghhh plenty of pirates in Captain Hook’s Revenge, and the opening scene aboard the pirate ship was awash with singing and dancing pirates and the introduction of Captain Hook himself! (Booooo!!!!) There was also a cheeky reference to pies by the Indian tribe in Neverland, who suggested having a buffalo pie for dinner and then rating it on Pierate! And you could tell that the naughty pirates would rather have baked a pie – not a cake – when trying to poison the Crocodile and Indian tribe part way through the performance!

 The panto contained some very impressive singing performances from all the cast, a memorable performance from the comedy Dame, an unexpected version of “I’m sexy and I know it” by Captain Hook and “These wings are made to fly” led by Peter Pan and Tonkerbell the fairy! While the 7 Cs sadly don’t really work for rating a pantomime, I would certainly give 7/7 for content and a further 7/7 for enthusiasm and effort!

I’d personally like to thank Sara and all the wonderful group at The Woodfield Entertainers in Ashtead (Surrey) for making me feel so welcome and for a wonderful afternoon and evening. It was a real shame the pie I had in the pub with them afterwards didn’t live up to the high standards the performers reached but I wish them all every success in their future productions! And who knows, maybe I’ll pop down again for one of their future performances too!

For further info and future performances, do check out The Woodfield Entertainers website and @Woodies12 twitter feed.


Visit the website or call them for more details.

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