Friday 20 December 2013

Simon Simple spices up the competition

Simple Simon's Hot Roasted Root Vegetable with Mango and Chilli Pie Review

This pie review is the fourth in the series of Simple Simon's Perfect Pies pie reviews. You can read the other reviews here:

Having worked our way through the above Simple Simon pies, we're thrilled to review a fourth pie - this time, a spicy Hot Roasted Root Vegetable with Mango and Chilli pie.

simple simons

You can see in the picture above that this pie developed a beautiful golden Colour in the oven, with the pastry looking perfectly crispy and flakey, yet the pie is still more than capable of holding itself together - perfect! I'm not quite sure what the XV on the top signifies - perhaps this is the 15th pie which Simple Simon developed? Or is Simple Simon aiming for 15th place in our pie rankings?

Either way, the pie is looking good so far. It's worth noting at this stage that this pie retails at £4.95 on the Simple Simon website, which seems quite expensive for what's a relatively small pie. This will cost the pie a few points in terms of Cost. But this pie is weighty, so it must be packed to Capacity inside with some quality dense filling. In fact, why hypothesise when we can just find out for real! Let's open up the pie!

simple simon pie

My suspicions were correct! This pie is packed to Capacity with what looks like some quality Content. There's barely any air gap to be seen here! Terrific. On sampling the filling, I can see why they put "hot" in the name, because the spiciness of this pie certainly packs a punch. Don't get me wrong, it's not overwhelming, but the spiciness is more potent than I had anticipated from a pie. The spiciness isn't quite to my liking, however. As I finish the pie I can feel some perspiration on my face. I'm not convinced that pastry and chilli go together. The contents might be nicer outside of a pie than wrapped in pastry. It's a bit like eating a curry with pasta. The vegetables have a decent Consistency, and lie pleasantly between crunchy and soft, and score amiably on Chewiness.

Overall, this is a well-rounded pie but is let down by its Cost and the mix of chilli and pastry.

Hot Roasted Root Vegetable with Mango and Chilli Pie
Score: 5.29/7
(Colour: 6.5, Condition 6, Content 4, Capacity 5, Chewiness 6, Consistency 5.5, Cheapness 4)

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