Tuesday 17 December 2013

This little piggy went to (Borough) market

I've come here to Borough Market in Southwark, London, to see what pies I can find. The first stall I come across is The Ginger Pig, who sell quality rare breed meats. They fortunately also have quite a variety of pies on offer. I opt for the Beef Bourguignon pie.
 At £5.50, the pie is quite expensive. However, as you can see, the pie is also quite large.
The colour of the pie is already an attractive golden pine.
This pie is about to board the Pierate Ship for a thorough review from not one but FIVE Pierateers!

So what did the Pierateers make of the beef bourguignon pie from The Ginger Pig? Here are their notes:

  • SJL: Packed with unprocessed steak, possibly rare breeds. A bit dry, but really tastes like beef bourguignon. Big bits of onion, but the pastry is hard, doughy, and really hard to cut to the bottom. Overall score: 4.50
  • ARL: The pastry was solid. Overall score: 4.20
  • TJP: The pastry was quite tough and difficult to cut with a knife, especially at the base of the pie. The steak was however of good quality, but a little dry for my liking. A tad expensive. Overall score: 5.30
  • Guest: Overall score 5.50
  • Guest: Overall score 6.95 (crazy! But this is a farmer who is keen on his quality beef)

Of course, here on the Pierate Ship we like to keep things consistent so we only use scores from accredited Pierateers when calculating the grand overall total score. Read the Seven Cs for how we rate our pies.

The Ginger Pig Beef Bourguignon Pie
Score: 4.67/7

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