Tuesday 31 December 2013

2013 Pierate Pie-lights!

And I thought 2012 was a vintage year for Pierate!

But along has come 2013 with even more spectacular highlights – so many that I couldn’t possibly mention them all here, but here are just a few from 2013 in our year end review:

Pierate Ship


Our first pieku review (a Haiku about pie) is written by Pierateer ARL

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - We review Paul’s Pies Steak and Guinness Pie, which at 6.73/7 becomes our top rated pie and earns the title of #BigFatPieOfTheYear 2013!


Our first pie review for a French pie by ARL (even though Pierateer SJL had regularly travelled to France and not found any!!!)

Top of the league rated football pies, making the overall top 5, from Pie Deli Piebury Corner


TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - British Pie Week and all 50 pies consumed by the Pierateers in it – but in particular Day Two, where Pierateer SJL ate only pies for the whole day (11 pies and 3362 kcal of only pie!)

Our attempt at making horse pie and zebra pie in the wake of the Horse Meat Scandal

Our second honorary Pierateer (Rosa) to celebrate the 25,000 pageview landmark on 30th March 2013


Pierateers RAS and SJL volunteering at the British Pie Awards 2013


Our “Best Pie in London” article is posted, quickly becoming our second most viewed article on Pierate and the most viewed article in 2013!


Our first ever guest review, from John Lowe, at the Smugglers Tavern, Osmington


Our #200th pie review from Higgidy Pies on 7th July 2013

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - The first ever Pierate Pie Contest, held in Birmingham and won by “Chrissy the Terrible!”


Seemingly the whole of Suffolk being pie-rated to produce our Suffolk Pie Leaderboard.


A review of the pie which won the title of Supreme Champion at the British Pie Awards 2013 produced by The Pie Kitchen.

The launch of our #CelebrityPieQuest on twitter – to find celebrities who love pie!

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Our world exclusive pie review thanks to Mr Kipling!


The addition to the original Pierateer line up of our Gluten Free Pie Reviewer – ALE – and her first ever gluten free pie review on 4th October 2013

Reaching 50,000 pageviews on Saturday 19th October 2013, which was celebrated by awarding Paul of Paul’s Pies fame as our third Honourary Pierateer

Our tweet by tweet analysis of the pies in the final of the Great British Bake Off, which was seen by winner Frances Quinn alongside many of the other GBBO contestants including the wonderful #bakechat crew!


Eating a fabulous fish pie and champagne pie in Bob Bob Ricard to celebrate our 250th pie review on 2nd November 2013!

Celebrating our 4th Birthday on 12th November – a day now known as “International Pierate Day” – and talking about this in our first ever interview, with Ashleigh Auld Consulting!

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Pierateer SJL judging at the Scotch Pie Club Awards 2014 (held on 13th November 2013)

A tour around the pie production facility of the 2013 World Scotch Pie Champion in the search for the best Scotch Pie.

Our first reci-pie review from our new Ship’s Cook – a spinach sun pie

Pies found and rated in Italy, a particular highlight being the “When in Rome” article

And November 2013 being our first month of posting an average of one post a day (30 posts in 30 days!)


Our first meet up with fans of Pierate to do some joint pie rating – with Ashleigh and Olivia from Ashleigh Auld Consulting

TOP 5 HIGHLIGHT - The release of the '12 Pies of Christmas’ video – featuring 78 turkey pies and mince pies

Our first pie rating demo - a demonstration of how to rate pies (inspired by Ali Imdad from GBBO's Baking Demo) by blind-rating three supermarket mince pies

Attending the first event we have sponsored – the @Woodies12 pantomime “Captain Hook’s Revenge”

And who can forget to mention:

We can’t take for granted getting 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and now 600+ followers on twitter! Thanks so much for following and tweeting @pierateers

We certainly won’t forget the record-breaking 185 posts made this year in a hurry, making it the most productive year yet! (Can you believe we celebrated doing 63 posts last year – when this year we have almost tripled that amount?!)

Here’s to many more pies and reviews in 2014!

Hap-pie New Year!!!

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