Friday 17 January 2014

Pinning our hopes on a World Record

World Record attempt for most people to review a pie in one sitting and the awarding of our first “Pierateer in Training” Badge!

This weekend our very own Pierateer RAS is being seconded from the Pierate Ship for the weekend to cook for City Church’s Student Weekend Away. Cooking for approximately 100 people – predominantly University students – our Pierateer will be once again looking to cater for the masses with classic mass-catering dishes such as sausage casserole, lasagne and a Roast Chicken dinner!

But alas, you say... what about the pies?!

Well don’t you lose any sleep over it guys and girls! The pies are definitely on the menu – for Saturday night is pie night as we rate some apple pie! While the exact brand and type of apple pie being consumed is still a closely guarded secret, we can confirm that this is a new pie that the Pierateers have not yet rated! How will it fair under the 7 Cs, we wonder, at the first #PieFest of 2014?! Where will it end up in the Pierate Pie Rankings?! All will be revealed!

But it would be crazy when buying 20 family sized pies and catering for 100 people not to think “Why don’t we go for a world record attempt here?!” Sadly the Guinness World Records organisation were unwilling to accept my proposed category of “Most people to review a pie in one sitting” (see email below), so we are instead going for an unofficial World Record attempt this weekend and – when time allows – all those who respond to the opportunity to complete a 7 Cs pie rating card will see their name and comments put up on in what we hope will be the World Record for “most people to review a pie in one sitting!”

And as a little incentive, we will be awarding prizes to those who provide the wittiest summary comments, as well as our first “Pierateer in Training” Badge for one of the attendees of the Weekend Away. We have @NikSpeller to thank for the idea of creating some “Pierateer in Training” badges to indicate that person has received some expert coaching from the Pierateers on how to rate a pie and is well on their way to becoming a Pierateer themselves. Nik himself will hopefully be undertaking some training in just over a week and we have already seen Ashleigh and Olivia from Ashleigh Auld Consulting meet with the Pierateers to review pie at Canteen London. They too will receive badges in due course!

We look forward to revealing the pie of choice for the first #PieFest of 2014 and will keep you posted on the event on Twitter via @pierateers and the follow up review of the pie and everyone’s comments coming soon!


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