Wednesday 29 January 2014

Pie-thagoras Theorem

You may already be aware of the mathematical equation a2+b2=c2 – which of course is Pythagoras’ famous equation regarding the relationship between the sides of an equilateral triangle. But we’re not that interested in maths here on – well, unless we’re using our maths ability to count up how many pies we’ve eaten that week (or day!) We did, for example, eat 50 pies in British Pie Week 2013 and will certainly be looking to beat that number in British Pie Week 2014!!!

But if you’re up for a pie challenge what about this? Here’s Pie-thagoras Theorem:

Pie-thagoras Theorem

That "Pie for breakfast + lunch + dinner = a happy Pierateer" (surely something Pythagoras himself would have encouraged!) e.g. We followed the Pie-thagoras Theorem and had pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Of course the eagle pie-d of you will have seen this definition in our Pie Dictionary for months, where you can find lots of pie puns and our definition of a true pie. We Pierateers are of course pie-pros, so we quite regularly complete Pie-thagoras Theorem, like Pierateer TJP did just three days ago when he had 3 pies on Sunday 26th January!

Probably the most famous example of someone completing Pie-thagoras Theorem was when Pierateer RAS ate pie for all three meals (and 5 in total) on 12th November 2013, which was International Pierate Day (and our 4th Birthday!) The pies have all been reviewed and can be found below:

5 Pies for Pie-Thagoras Theorem
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Pudding - 5 Pies for Pie-Thagoras Theorem

Breakfast: Mr Kipling Apple Pie

Lunch: Pukka Pies Steak Pie

Dinner: Marks and Spencer Pies

Pudding: Mr Kipling Mince Pies

We hope this may ins-pie-re you to get your pie on and enjoy pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three! Just remember – eat pie as part of a healthy balanced diet (if possible!)

This article was inspired by discussion of pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner by Catherine Farinha and Alexandra Duncan on The Food Show on bcfm radio.

You can listen to the The Food Show by clicking here.

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