Saturday 25 January 2014

Australia Day – Best Aussie Pie

Australia Day 2014

Australia Day this year falls on Sunday January 26, 2014. To celebrate, we here at Pierate have compiled some of the best Australian pies that we’ve eaten. On Australia Day itself, we’ll be getting our hands on a kangaroo pie to see how it rates. In the meantime, here are some of our favourite Australian pies:


Pieface australia day

There are Piefaces aplenty in Australia. They’re practically the Starbucks or Pret a Manger of down under! We loved the weird squiggly faces on the pies. It almost makes you feel bad about eating them. Until you eat them, of course. Then you have no regrets at all. Read more >


Pieface australia day

Check out this slice of pie! We bought this badboy from Rhumbas in Melbourne’s Crown Food Court. It’s a hefty tuna pie, and the excellent quality of the pastry and spiciness of the tuna makes this Australian pie so memorable. Read more >


There’s something about London’s Jumbucks that keeps us coming back for more. The Shepherds Bush establishment seems to always dish some pretty inventive and tasty pies. They’re all great to eat on the move – perfect for busy lifestyles! (Although obviously we had to take quite a detour each time we wanted to visit…)

Jumbucks australia day

We were egged on by this Bacon and Egg pie from Jumbucks. It’s a fairly awesome breakfast that you can take with you on the underground! Read more >








Jumbucks australia day

If you fancy eating a rare bird, but don’t actually want to eat a rare bird (likewise, a New Zealander), have The Kiwi instead. Containing mince and cheese, this pie was a delicious success. Read more >




Jumbucks australia day

If you like mash with your pie, why not just have mash in your pie? That’s the philosophy behind Jumbucks’ Bushranger Deluxe. Containing minced beef, mashed potato, bacon and cheese, it’s a feast for the senses – mainly taste but also some visual, textural and olfactory pleasure. Read more >



So there we have it. Some top pies for a top Australia Day! Have a great weekend!

Don’t forget to see our Pie Rankings for more top pies, and have a look at our Treasure Map for more pies geographically located near you. Oh, and follow us on Twitter! @pierateers


  1. Have you tried Vili's pies in London from Adelaide, South Australia?

    1. Yes, we have tried these fab pies at Bristol Rovers.


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