Monday 27 January 2014

Don’t skip this kangaroo pie

Nice Pie Kangaroo Pie Review

You may recall that yesterday Pierateer RAS went nuts for a squirrel pie from Nice Pie. But you’d be hopping mad not to try this kangaroo pie from Nice Pie too!

Seriously though, this pie contains kangaroo meat. Are Nice Pie courting disaster with this one? Do they need to buck up their ideas?

kangaroo pie
Wow, look at that pastry! I really wallaby eating this pie right now. It would be rood not to try it! The pastry is a little crumbly round the edges, but that’s more my fault than anything. I’m sure if I wasn’t so clumsy then the Condition of this pie would be excellent. I especially like the added touch of the pastry kangaroo silhouette on the lid - just in case you forgot you were about to eat kangaroo.
At £3.50, this is really quite the bargain for quite a sizeable pie that contains quite an exotic meat. It’s not like these guys popped down to the wholesalers and bought some cheap beef. Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is quite hard to catch.
But £3.50 becomes even more of a bargain when you open up the pie and view the cross-section:
Pure, unadulterated meat. They’re certainly not joeyking around here. There’s minimal airgap in this pie. The pie has good Capacity and they’re filled it to the pastry with Content. But how does the Content taste? I’ve never eaten kangaroo before, and after eating it it’s quite hard to describe. It’s a bit like venison. It has a nice flavour, and was very tender although a little dry in the mouth.
Nice Pie certainly give you copious amounts of meat, which is brilliant. I would have personally preferred a bit more gravy, as the kangaroo seemed naturally quite dry.
The pastry was very tasty and obviously of very high quality, although perhaps a little short and the lid was quite crumbly. I do like a lid that you can break, but I think it should have been able to hold itself together a little better than it did.

So with a bounce in my step, it’s time for the final score. Plus points were the condition of the pie (especially the kangaroo cut-out), the tasty pastry, the inventiveness of the content, the cost and the fact that the pie was filled to capacity. For me, this pie was slightly let down by the fact that there wasn’t enough gravy to compensate for the natural dryness of the kangaroo.

Nice Pie Kangaroo Pie Review
Score: 5.8/7

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