Thursday 30 January 2014

A Cheesy (Pie) Buffet

Homemade Cheese Pie Review

Just before Christmas I was – out of the blue - provided with a cheese pie by Rhi, a colleague at work, who had obtained a homemade cheese pie at a work Christmas buffet. Not sure where she got the idea from that I liked pies?!

Anyways, unfortunately the maker of this pie has remained elusive, despite Rhi’s best efforts, but I thought it was a very nice homemade pie and worthy of review. While it won’t make it onto the pie rankings due to not being a commercially available pie, it was very nice! So thank you mystery pie baker!!!

Cheese Pie Review

Condition - 5 - clearly homemade - not quite circular and a bit of filling leakage from out of the lid, but excellent crimping on the pie edge and lid edge

Colour - 5 - slightly pale but pretty good colour

Capacity - 4 - rather too much air inside, though that said the ratio of crust:filling in the mouth was pretty spot on!

Cheese Pie Review

Content - 4 - The cheese was nice - had a good strong, distinct flavour without being overpowering. However it did get a little boring after a while - could have done with something to compliment the cheese (e.g. ham)

Cheapness – 6 (estimated) - Technically free for me - as an item at a buffet - but could not determine the actual price. I imagine this was not to expensive due to the filling just being cheese

Chewiness - 6.5 - Not chewy at all. Had a nice bite to it

Consistency - 5 - Quite a nice consistency to the pie, though the flavour did get a bit boring after a while.

Total = 5.07 / 7


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