Tuesday 14 January 2014

Bon Bon Ap-PIE-tite

Bon Bon Cake Shop - Scotch Pie Review

When it come to pies I always have a good ap-pie-tite. I just can't get enough which you will know if you have ever read the poem 'Memoirs of a Pie Addict'. Scotch Pies are no exception to this, I have reviewed a few in order to build up our list of the best Scotch Pies. The Scotch Pie Awards are the obvious place to start when searching for the best, we have reviewed the 2013 World Scotch Pie Champion and the 2011 Champion. Now we review yet another World Champion! Albeit one which is slightly living on past glories. I give you the 2006 World Scotch Pie Champion produced by Bon Bon Cake Shop in Airdrie! It might be a bit last decade but they still proudly remember their award on the signs both inside and outside of this small bakery.

It was a nice place to visit, despite the name it isn't primarily cakes, they do specialise in pies too with a range on offer. The lady in the shop assured me that they still make them on the premises. I part with 90p in order to get this pie to take away hot, which is decent compared to most hot pies but you can get Scotch pies Cheaper in these parts. However, this pie does seem fairly small compared to some Scotch Pies. It has quite a decent Condition although verging on looking too handmade with quite a wonky lid. The Colour is varied, golden in places but anaemic in others.

Biting into this pie I found the pastry to be excellent. It was lovely and crisp on the outside and softer on the inside which made each bite feel really satisfying. The Content was less seasoned than some, especially compared to JB Christie down the road. This was a beef version so avoided the fat of a mutton pie. It tasted nice, however, it was a little mushy so missed the optimum texture. There could also have been a bit more of it, while the Capacity of the pie was acceptable, there was a bit too much air in the pie for me.

Overall, a decent effort from Bon Bon, although they are a way off from the standard of more recent world champions.

Beef Scotch Pie (Bon Bon Cake Shop [ML6 6DE])


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