Friday 14 March 2014

Pi Day 2014

On board the Pierate Ship we hardly need an excuse to eat pie! After all, we’ve already rated well over 350 pies already and we’ve only just started! But as the 14th March – or 3.14 – comes round once a year, we’re hardly going to turn down eating pie on World Pi Day!

After all, you may have already read our celebration of World Pi Day 2013 – under the banner "Life of Pi(e)" where I ate 3.14 apple pies that day and had to crack out my protractor to do so – and this year we ate a Tesco Steak pie for dinner!

But for now, here’s a Pi present we were sent from Kaz who works at Tesco, who not only supplied us a £15 Tesco Pie Voucher to rate some more Tesco pies (you can see all the Tesco pies we have already rated on our Tesco Pie Reviews page), but also sent us Pi…

Pi Pie Review

Pi Pie Review

Yep, that’s right! That’s Pi to 10,000 digits. Wow! I'm sure you'll agree - that’s commitment to Pi!

But don’t worry, on the Pierate Ship we’re committed to Pie! And you will find plenty more Pie Reviews coming up over the coming few weeks as we get through the pie backlog of the 50+ pies we ate during British Pie Week!

And if you want to find out more about the Pierateers, why not listen in to our interview with Food Geographer Matthew Rippon via his blog - where we talk particularly about the Seven Cs pie rating criteria and how we use social media.

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