Monday 14 March 2022

7 Ways To Survive Post British Pie Week 2022

Yes, British Pie Week is over. We hear ya! Pie specials will disappear from pub menus. Pie Week discounts will no longer apply. But we’ve got one important message for pie fans: “A pie is for life, not just British Pie Week!” We all know that pies are far too good to celebrate just one week of the year! So here's 7 ways to survive post British Pie Week:

1) Enjoy a pie as soon as possible post British Pie Week - after all, there's no need to just eat pies in British Pie Week!

2) Reminisce about your favourite pie or pies from British Pie Week and plan to eat them again soon!

3) Save up your money to buy some top pies even once the promos and discounts have disappeared.

4) Petition your local pub or pie shop to bring back some of their specials if they were only on sale for British Pie Week.

5) Search our pie rankings list of over 600 pies to find a new pie to try in the coming weeks!

6) Use your extra time to catch up on all the crazy antics the Pierateers have got up to over the years and read our reviews!

7) Remember - it's now less than 365 days until we do it all again, for British Pie Week 2023! It'll be from 6th-12th March 2023. Get it in your diaries now!!

And as if you needed any other reasons, the 14th March is actually American pi(e) day - as it is 3.14 in the States - so what further excuse do you need to eat another pie today?!

Pierate is a pie review website charting a course to find the ultimate pie. For all the pies we have reviewed have a look at our Pie Rankings or find pies of a particular flavour under Pies: Categorised.

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