Monday 4 March 2013

British Pie Week 2013

British Pie Week – British Pie Week – British Pie Week – British Pie Week

For those who have failed to guess from the title of this article, it is of course the start of British Pie Week today! From the 4th to 10th March 2013, the whole nation will be celebrating everything pie. And of course, there’s no better place to get your top tips for British Pie Week than the world’s leading pie reviewing website –

British Pie Week
British Pie Week - We eat all the pies!
Of course, like anything these days, there is an official website for British Pie Week – the ingeniously named – but let’s face it: what you really want is a rankings list of over 130 pies which have been independently tasted and verified by pie experts, namely the Pierateers. That’s where the Pie Rankings come in at:

And if the whole notion of eating pie this week has still not yet got you salivating at just the thought, why not check out our top 7 reasons why you should take this op-pie-tunity to get some filling encased in pastry (sweet or savoury) inside you this week:

1) It’s the pie-fect versatile food item - for breakfast, lunch, dinner or pudding!

2) Ditch the cutlery! A proper pie (fully encased in pastry) can be eaten with your hands!

3) Sweet or Savoury – Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a pie for you!

4) Pie and Go – Another benefit of a fully encased pie is you can eat it on the go! Great for roadtrips!

5) Have a butchers at pie making – With all the talk about what is in our food, why not go to the butchers & buy/make a homemade pie?

6) It’s on the menu! – It’s not always been the case, but since the creation of  there are pies springing up everywhere!

7) Best of British – A staple of the British diet. At the London 2012 Olympics, Seb Coe quoted the phrase “Made in Britain”* – he was of course talking about pies... (and a few other things)

So what more motivation do you need?! Grab a pie, make a pie, tweet your #piepledge.

Choose a pie
Suggest a pie
Review a pie
Go crazy for pie – in British Pie Week! Enjoy!

*Seb Coe’s quote in full (with minor alteration):

Finally, there are some famous words you can find stamped on the bottom of a product. Words that, when you read them, you know mean high quality, mean skill, mean creativity. We’ve stamped those words on the Olympic and Paralympic Games of London 2012. London 2012 our pies - ‘made in Britain’.”

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