Sunday 10 March 2013

Pork Pie by Pork Farms

This pie review is of a medium sized pork pie from Pork Farms.

Here's a short video on the unwrapping and assessment of the pie in question:

Traditionally, of course, pork pies are served cold, so my quest for pie was not impeded by having to heat the oven up!

As you can see from the video, this Pork Farms pork pie (which I bought from Sainsburys for about £1.80) is a pretty solid affair. Pork pies always seem to deliver highly on the air:filling ratio of the content - although I did note a pocket of air at the top of the pie where the jelly seemed to be absent. The photo below also highlights this fact quite well:

The colour is good, and the crimping is quite pretty. It's hard to assess the quality of the meat because of the mushed nature of the pork that is inherent to pork pies. Overall I enjoyed it, especially with some pickle. I wouldn't be saying anything special about it, however.

Pork Farms Pork Pie
Score: 5.23/7

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