Saturday 30 March 2013

Do they stock pie in this joint that will make us Fuller’s?

Fuller's Ale and Pie House Pie Review from The Old Joint Stock Pub in Birmingham City Centre

The three Pierateers descended on the Old Joint Stock pub, part of the Fuller’s Ale and Pie House chain, on a rainy Birmingham evening. While not a factor in the pie reviewing itself, it was a great setting for the Pierateers to enjoy a pie together, on the upper mezzanine overlooking the main bar. While the weather outside was miserable, the Pierateers were in good spirit following a highly productive two hour Pierate AGM. Many great ideas had been discussed and shared, with the mission still clearly to not stop eating and reviewing pies until every pie had been added to the blog. But however high the spirits were, this was not to bias the reviews. So let’s get eating:

Chicken, Mushroom & Silver Onion Pie (£9.75)

Fuller's Ale and Pie House Chicken, Mushroom and Silver Onions Pie
Fuller's Ale and Pie House Chicken, Mushroom and Silver Onions Pie
Fuller's Ale and Pie House Chicken, Mushroom and Silver Onions PiePierateer RAS went for a Chicken, Mushroom and Silver Onions Pie. The chicken, mushroom and onion content in a light white wine and cream sauce was a delicious mix which was filling and complemented each other well. The chicken and mushroom were perfectly cooked through, tender and not at all chewy, with a slight crunch provided by the Silver Onions present. The creamy sauce was perfect, keeping the content moist and lightening the overly solid sides and base of the pie. That turned out to be the main flaw in the pie, as the puff pastry lid was very light and tasty, but the sides and base of the pie were very difficult to cut through, let alone chew on. All in all, a very nice pie filling and glad to be served a pie that was fully encased in pastry, but a slightly less firm base and sides would be preferable.

Fuller's Ale and Pie House [Old Joint Stock] Chicken, Mushroom and Silver Onions Pie
Score: 5.75/7 (RAS)

Chicken, Chorizo & Sun-Dried Tomato Pie (£9.95)

Great pie, unusual tomato taste sauce which I liked, good quality meat, could have been more chorizo. This pie was really let down by the solid pastry base as were all the pies in this establishment.

Fuller's Ale and Pie House [Old Joint Stock] Chicken chorizo sundried tomato Pie
Score: 5.57/7 (SJL)
[colour 7 consistency 6 capacity 6 chewiness 3 cheapness 5 content 6 condition 6]

Old Joint Stock House Pie (£9.75)

old joint stock fullers house pie
Old Joint Stock House Pie
 I opted for the Old Joint Stock House pie, which is a pie consisting of "diced gammon, hard boiled egg and sweet corn in a creamy wholegrain mustard & white wine sauce." Certainly a novel addition of the hard boiled egg there - apart from the Jumbuck's Bacon and Egg pie, I'm not sure I've seen egg featuring so prominently in a pie before. Is it an under-rated pie ingredient? No! It works well! As do all of the ingredients in this delicious house pie. The sauce was creamy, and the mustard complemented the gammon well.

I also like the look of this pie. The square lid juxtaposed against the round base gives this pie a quirky appeal. Sometimes you get the feeling that chefs put a pie on the menu because they have to. This doesn't seem to be the case in the Old Joint Stock. Here, the puff pastry bursts out flamboyantly, as if this pie really is proud to be a pie after all. There's an interesting array of pies available in this establishment - enough to keep a Pierateer coming back for more.

My only qualm really is that the pastry base was pretty solid. I found it difficult to cut without accidentally tipping the pie up onto its side and spilling the contents.
old joint stock fullers house pie
You can really see the egg.

Fuller's Ale and Pie House [Old Joint Stock] House Pie (Gammon and Egg)
Score: 5.68/7 (TJP)

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