Thursday 7 March 2013

British Pie Week - Day Three

Pierateer RAS was not going to let his commitments at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, for the Yonex All England Badminton Championships 2013, hinder his pie eating progress so far! For having the day off work (the first of three days of annual leave as part of his #piepledge to encourage pie consumption and reviewing), RAS was able to consume three new pies in a day and also promote pie eating to a number of his friend's children (more on that in a blog article soon!)

So let's start at the beginning, with a cheeky couple of Morrisons Apple and Blackcurrant pies to start the day off with. I informed Morrisons of this on twitter - still awaiting a reply - and had a rather disappointed look on my face this morning when I pulled out the following condition of pies:

Needless to say, they won't be scoring that highly on the "condition" criteria, which as we all know is one of the seven Cs.

Fortunately the Morrisons Apple Pies I shared at the City Church Mums & Tots group I helped at this morning were in a far better condition, actually having their lids firmly on their pies this time!!! Both types of pies will be reviewed shortly.

Later in the day, as part of my volunteering at the Badminton I was delighted to share dinner with a nice guy called Tony and a pretty nice pie called Apple. The full article will be added shortly.

I rounded off the day (and tried to get over the disappointment of so many early British exits in the Badminton) by having a second Morrisons Apple Pie, which again fortunately had its lid firmly in the right place!

RAS Pie Count Day Three: 5
RAS BPW Total: 8

After eating a fair few pies for Day 2 of British Pie Week SJL decided to have a bit of a tactical fallow day. It was not however completely pie free. SJL saved the mash, cabbage and gravy from the Canteen pie the day before and had it with an ASDA Chicken and Vegetable individual pie. This were in that slightly oval shape that the cheap supermarket pies always seem to be, such as the Tesco Everyday Value beef and onion pie reviewed recently. I find this shape of pie quite suspicious, they are very shallow and sometimes remind me of that other pastry product the 'slice'.

But how did it taste? Compared to the value range this is a step up. The Tesco Everyday Value pies had around 10% meat where as this standard ASDA pie had a massive 18% meat (although I am not sure if this includes the standard horse meat they include nowadays). It seemed nice enough, the gravy was thick, it certainly taste bad but to be honest I just didn't really even notice eating it. Alongside the mash and gravy there just wasn't enough filling to really discern the flavours and I certainly don't remember eating any bits of chicken. These things really must score against it. However, at just 50p each I'd say these were just about respectable additions to the fridge or freezer.

Asda - Chicken & Vegetable - 3.10/7

SJL Pie Count Day Three: 1
SJL BPW Total: 13

Wednesday lunchtime saw Pierateer TJP head to Pieminister in Farringdon, London for a 'Pietanic' fish pie. Quite often my heart sinks like the Titanic when I see a fish pie encased in potato rather than gravy, but my hopes stayed afloat when I saw that this fish pie was indeed totally encased in pastry. Full review coming soon, but it was delicious.

TJP Pie Count Day Three: 1
TJP BPW Total: 4

Day Three Total: 7

British Pie Week Total: 25

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