Friday 6 March 2015

British Pie Week 2015 - Day Five

So after the end of the #Pieathon challenge on Day Four of British Pie Week - where both Pierateers SJL and RAS were seeing how long they could last eating only pie - there was still no let up on the pie front! Pierateer RAS was still attempting the 50:50 pie challenge over the whole week, with at least one pie every day and at least 50% of his diet being pies. And going into Day Five they had already broken the 50 pies barrier, so how many more pies could they consume still?!

Whatever you do, go crazy for pie this British Pie Week! Enjoy!

British Pie Week 2015

This page will be updated with the pies we Pierateers eat and any other pie news throughout the day. Check back each day for daily updates this British Pie Week!

If you wish to support us - and more importantly all those who benefit from the charity Action Against Hunger - this week in our Pie Challenges, then please join us in donating to the charity via our justgiving page. Thanks so much!

Pierateer RAS

With the day off on Friday, Pierateer RAS took the chance to have a lie in before digging into a few more Toppings Pies for brunch. With such a big box of Toppings pies delivered on Wednesday, he took it upon himself to get through the three non-pork pies that Toppings had provided.

The three meat pies on the menu were 1) Peppered Chicken and Smoked Ham 2) Steak, Mushroom and Shallot Pie and 3) Steak and Minted Mushy Peas. They all had delicious pastry encasing and the meat inside was generally very good, however he was left disappointed at the lack of meat and over emphasis of shallot in the Steak, Mushroom and Shallot Pie.

The extra time also gave Pierateer RAS the chance to rate the winner of the recent Pieminister Pie Election he'd had for supper the previous evening! The "Minty Lamb" was the pie you chose from a selection of their previous pies (no longer on sale) to be brought back for the week and it rated very well indeed! The Minty Lamb pie review can be seen here, and reviews of their other two winning pies will appear soon!

These are available in many Pieminister-selling pubs and restaurants and market stalls for British Pie Week only, so get on down and reminisce about the good old times with these pies! We'll be rating all three this week to add to our Pieminister Pie Reviews page!

A dinner of fish, chips and veg for dinner rounded off another pie-focused day and kept his Pies to Non-Pies ratio well in favour of the pie! 

Previous Total of PiesPrevious Total of Non-PiesPies that dayNon-Pies that dayNew Total of PiesNew Total of Non-PiesRatio (Pies to Non-Pies)
79% : 21%

Pierateer SJL 

Having eaten 36 pies in the first three days, Pierateer SJL took Day Five as a bit of a 'fallow' day. The only pie consumed was just before bed. It was a Treflach farm Steak & Kidney pie picked up from Allens of Mayfair the day before. Whilst it didn't look great, a bit lop-sided and with a bit of boil out, this pie tasted nice. The pastry was nice and soft with a little crispiness on the outside. The filling was packed with soft meat which tasted nice, but it was a little dry and tasted a bit like well done roast beef.

Total Day Five - 1 pie
Total British Pie Week - 37 pies

Pie News

Having rated the pie in the Barclaycard Arena earlier in the day, Pierateer Rob was delighted to once again feature in the Yonex All England Badminton Championships Volunteers Newsletter with a review of the Chicken and Mushroom pie he had rated! It was the third time in a row he had the opportunity to do so.

We also loved the tweet we got from Nice Pie featuring a cartoon in their local newspaper. It focused on the exotic nature of some of their pies, particularly following their appearance on TV on Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast recently, where their squirrel pie was featured!

It was also great to be featured on the Bakery Info website in their article about British Pie Week.

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