Saturday 14 March 2015

Pi Day Special - 71 Pies for British Pie Week 2015

Hap-pie Pi(e) Day everyone!!!

If you don't yet know about Pi Day, today's date (in the American format at least) is 3.14.15 - and this article was posted at 9:26 to boot - just to celebrate the mathematical excuse to eat and rate pie that is Pi Day! Yep, right now is 3.1415926...

Of course with almost 500 pies rated on Pierate we're no stranger to using any old excuse to eat and rate pie, especially with it having just recently been British Pie Week from Monday 2nd March 2015! And we're delighted to announce that between two Pierateers (RAS and SJL) we managed to smash the previous best of 55 pies consumed by eating 71 pies between us!

Hundreds of you read our Countdown to British Pie Week article to find out more about the week and check our special countdown timer - giving you the precise days, minutes and even seconds til British Pie Week 2015!

Our 4-course dinner pie!
We also once again encouraged you all to make a #PiePledge to get involved in British Pie Week this year. And naturally we made a few crazy #PiePledge commitments ourselves too! These included our 50-50 pie challenge, with the aim of at least 50% of Rob's diet being pies (see how he did here), and a #Pieathon to see how long we could last on just pies alone during the week! The Ship's Cook also got involved, creating possibly the world's first ever Four Course Dinner Pie!

And if you'd be willing to give to charity Action Against Hunger, in support of our crazy pie commitments, you can still do so on our justgiving page.

We're delighted to say we had 6,838 pageviews in British Pie Week this year and you can see what the Pierateers got up to in British Pie Week 2015 in our daily Pie Diary articles:

Day One – Monday 2nd March 2015 (15 pies eaten, total 15)
Day Two – Tuesday 3rd March 2015 (13.5 pies eaten, total 28.5)

Day Three – Wednesday 4th March 2015 (18.5 pies eaten, total 47)

Day Four - Thursday 5th March 2015 (10 pies eaten, total 57)

Day Five - Friday 6th March 2015 (4 pies eaten, total 61)

Day Six - Saturday 7th March 2015 (4 pies eaten, total 65)

Day Seven - Sunday 8th March 2015 (6 pies eaten, total 71)

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